Orthotics are inserts placed into shoes to control or correct abnormal lower limb gait and alignment.

They are designed to improve the posture, pressure distribution and biomechanical function of the feet.

Orthotics are used as a treatment modality for a range of foot and leg pathologies that can range from congenital foot conditions affecting children, chronic foot ulcers due to diabetes, deformity due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, through to recurrent sports injuries.

Orthotics can vary from simple prefabricated insoles through to varying levels of custom orthotics to suit individual requirements.

The key to successful orthotic treatment is clear diagnosis, followed by a thorough examination/prescription process, which must incorporate a walking/biomechanical gait examination.

I am able to offer my patients a range of different options for foot orthoses depending on each individual’s needs. It is essential that properly prescribed and fitted orthotics are comfortable and easy to use.

footwork_logoJenna Rogers Podiatry utilises the Footwork Podiatric Laboratory for the manufacture of customised orthotic devices.

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