Archies Arch Support Thongs incorporate the same amount of support that you would find from an ‘off the shelf’ orthotic, however with the patented design, they look just like normal thongs.

Archies Thongs are made from a SUPER COMFORTABLE, highly specialised foam material and the orthotic support found within the thongs may help to reduce strain from feet and lower limbs.

Due to the advantages that Archies Thongs offer over flat thongs, they are the choice of thong for many of Australia’s elite athletes.

Irrespective of whether or not you have issues with your feet or lower limbs, Archies Arch Support Thongs can be worn by anyone who just wants an unbelievably comfortable thong.

Once you get used to wearing Archies Thongs you will never want to take them off!


How to measure your foot to get the correct size

The best way to measure to your foot is to do the following:


Stand on a piece of paper. This is best done on a hard surface such as floor boards or tiles (not carpet).


The very back edge of your heel should be directly in line with the very back edge of the paper. Please be as accurate as possible.


Mark the very back edge of the paper in the middle of the heel.


Mark the very front of the big toe with a pen on the paper.


Measure the distance between the two points in centimetres to the nearest millimetre. The line you end up measuring will be slightly diagonal.


Note: in the circumstances that your 2nd toe is substantially bigger than your big toe, then measure to your second toe. If you have one foot bigger than the other, then measure your biggest foot.

Archies have a tighter strap

Archies Arch Support Thongs have been designed with a tighter strap than normal thongs. This is because in thongs with a loose strap, the toes claw down in an attempt to keep the thongs on the feet. Normally when you walk your toes are supposed to point / bend upwards. When the toes point / bend upwards, this activates the arch of the foot which helps provide protection and support to the vital structures of the feet. When the toes claw down such as when trying to keep the thongs on the feet, the arch does not activate correctly which means that you do not get the protective support from the arch of the foot. This can leave the foot tired and achy, vulnerable to stress and potential injury. The tighter strap found in Archies Arch Support Thongs may help to reduce toe clawing which may enable you to walk more naturally.

It is important to know, that if the strap feels a little too tight at first, do not worry, the strap is very elastic, within a few days of wear, the strap will gradually stretch and mould to the shape of your feet.

However, if the strap feels too tight it is very easy to stretch the strap and the toe pole until it reaches your desired level of tightness.

How do I stretch the strap?

Before stretching the strap, always inspect on the underside of the strap for a joining line. Occasionally, a joining line will be present and is indicated by a faint line through the underside of the strap. While the strap is very strong, if you stretch the strap directly on a joining line, it can break, so never stretch the strap directly on a joining line! See the below photo of a joining line:


Fitting in terms of Width

In terms of width, Archies Thongs are designed to be a reasonably narrow fitting thong. The outside edge of the foot hangs over the edge to some extent in most people, so please do not be concerned if this is the case for you, as this is the normal fit for Archies Thongs (as per the below image). It is important to note, that while the foot overhangs to some extent in most people, it is quite rare that we cannot fit Archies Thongs to someone’s feet, no matter how wide or narrow they are. Even in the case that you have a bunion that overhangs, this is ok, the most important thing is that the thong is comfortable and the orthotic sits in the correct position on the foot.

Please see the image below of completely acceptable overhang.


Fitting in terms of length

In terms of length, the thongs were designed with a reasonably ‘snug / tight’ fit in mind. If you go too big in terms of length, the orthotic does not sit in the correct position on the foot. It is important to note, that it is not a concern if some of the back edge of the heel hangs over the edge of the thong (as per the below image).

Of course, if your heel is completely over the edge of the heel cup and squashing down on the rim of the thong, then that is different, however, some heel overhang is ok. Again, the most important thing is that the thong is comfortable and the orthotic sits in the correct position on the foot.

Please see the image below of acceptable overhang.


Please see the image below of too much overhang.



Archies Arch Support Thongs come in a Standard Arch Support model and a High Arch Support model. Having the two arch profiles allows us better cater for you arch type and support needs.

Which one is better, the high arch or the standard arch?

One arch profile is not necessarily better than the other. Both arch profiles have substantial orthotic / arch support and a similar amount of support to that found in off the shelf orthotics. It’s just that the high arch support model has increased support in comparison to the standard arch support mode and one arch profile may be more suited to your foot type, personal preference and what you are used to. E.g, If you are used to wearing orthotics or other support footwear.

So, how do I know which model is the right one for me?

This is very easy and is not a big decision!

If you are used to wearing orthotics or other supportive shoes and sandals, then it is likely that you will prefer the feel of our of high arch support model.

If you are not used to wearing orthotics or supportive footwear, then our standard arch model will likely be a better choice for you.

If you have low arches / flat feet, then you will likely prefer our standard arch model, as the high arch support will likely feel that it has too much support (unless of course you are used to wearing orthotics with a lot of support).

If you have high or normal type arches, then you will be fine in either our high arch support model or our standard arch support model, it would just come down to personal preference of what you are used to and your support needs.


Not sure which one to go with?

If unsure of which one to go with then definitely go with the standard arch support model. The standard arch support model contains legitimate orthotic / arch support, is super comfortable and almost every person absolutely loves and raves about this thong! You can then consider going for the high support model at another stage once your feet are used to having the support.

Regardless of which model you choose, do not stress, it’s not a big decision! Both models have substantial orthotic / arch support and it is highly likely you will be happy with whatever you choose!

Getting used to the feel of Archies

Most people put on Archies thongs and they find them to be instantly and unbelievably comfortable! However, for some people, getting used to the support can take some time and in some occasions you may even experience some soreness. So in the unlikely event your Archies are not instantly comfortable, do not worry, after several days of wear, the thongs will gradually mould to the shape of your foot and will become much more comfortable.

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